Frequently Asked Questions



How do I start the program? 

To start the program at Slim Care, you will need to make an appointment to see the Doctor.  This appointment takes approximately 30-45 minutes.  We will evaluate your health status and show you how to meet the goals you have set for your weight loss.


What is the cost of the first visit?

Your cost on the first visit will be for prescribed medication, lab work, slim shots & any supplements that you decide with the doctor are best for you.



Is there a consultation fee?

It is a courtesy of our Slim Care physicians to consult with you concerning your current health concerns, weight loss goals, & your options for our program. There is no consultation fee charged if you decide to be on our program. Although, there will be a consultation fee of $30 if you decide this program is not for you after consulting with the doctor. 


How much are the prescribed medications?

The medications range from $30.00 to $110.00. We have 13 different prescribed medications available.


Are there any other costs?

We do require current lab work for each patient, this has to be done within 30 days of your first visit.  Lab cost is $60 & the 4 tests include: CBC, CMP, LIPID, TSH)


Do you take Insurance?

Most insurance companies will not cover these medications, etc.  Slim Care does accept most FLEX, FSH or BENNY CARDS and we strive to make this as economical as possible so you can afford it without your insurance.  We work with you as much as we can. We want you to accomplish your goals and help build your self esteem.  You can not put a price on feeling good about yourself.



Do you have to have an appointment?

Yes, you will have to set up an appointment for your first visit only and for your one year visit with the Doctor.  If you are coming in for shots weekly, or for your medication monthly there will be no appointment required for this.  You might want to call in advance to check to see if it is time for a doctors visit or if you need new labs.

How much do the HCG, Fat Burning and B12 Slim Shots Cost?

The cost of a single HCG Slim Shot is $10.00, a triple HCG Slim Shot is $15.00, the B12 Slim Shot is $10 and the Fat Burning Slim Shot is $15. these are recommended to be done weekly. If you purchase an HCG Slim Shot and a Fat Burning Slim Shot, you save $5. 


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